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We want more socially, ethically & environmentally 
sustainable housing
to live in 

We are a creative collaboration of people passionate about  creating a better housing system in Australia to solve problems of financial insecurities,
social ills and environmental degradation.

Sun Villages Co-operative is owned by its members, men and women who are pooling their talents, knowledge, life experiences, energy and money to create social and economic value for Australian society with a better housing system. This system will enable more people of all ages to invest in secure, quality housing developments for their own place to live and work, or for a secure investment return as a property investor.

We advocate for the socio-economic benefits of having a national housing system that meets the needs and aspirations of all ages and stages of the life cycle and supports a healthy and productive lifestyle: safe shelter, adequate food, social support and free from censorship and discrimination.

We promote and support the Sun Village’s SMARTER model which integrates unique financial mechanisms, social design and ecological features to create socially, ethically and ecologically sustainable housing in city, periurban and rural areas. These housing projects will create places to live that respect an individual’s need for privacy and independent living and thinking. Most people are innately drawn to living lives honourably and they thrive when they are validated for who they are and what they can contribute to life, with free will.

Socially sustainable design

Minimises recurring expenses

Accessible to any age, long term and transferable

Responsible investing

Thriving instead of surviving

Economically fraternal

Removes bank finance

The model creates significant savings in construction, property management and property investment AND is the only property investment scheme that returns to all shareholders bonus shares of what is normally the developer's profit and bank interest on development funding.

Sun Village projects can be financed without bank loans through a peer-to-peer funding model with ethical investors and future residents pooling their self-managed super funds and surplus savings to invest into fractional property ownership through shareholdings that are trade-able.


Village residents are offered secure, lifetime, quality accommodation, and non-resident investors receive a predictable, stable, ethical and worry-free return.

The Sun Village movement is growing.         Will you join us?

By joining Sun Villages Co-operative, you


  • become part of a community of mutual aid investors, investing time, energy and/or money in responsible housing projects that create social and economic value

  • network with like minded people equitably sharing in open and transparent property developments

  • participate in a circular economy that returns all value to Co-op members

  • can use Sun Village open intellectual property and project experience to develop other similar housing projects elsewhere

  • can invest in one project to get it completed, while members collaborate to start another

  • you pay $100 joining fee and $100 pa membership renewal

To find out more, submit an Expression of Interest to connect with us.
Doing so is not binding on you or us. It's just a preliminary sharing of information.

We thrive when we

  • have supportive and caring connections and relationships

  • have a sense of purpose in life

  • feel more hopeful about our future

  • can share our creative and intellectual talents

  • can express gratitude for our lives

  • can keep ourselves well physically, mentally
    & emotionally 

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Would you like to thrive with us?

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