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Why do we, Sun Villages Co-operative, exist?

Our purpose is to facilitate networking between people who want a more equitable and better quality way of living in the way we house ourselves; and who have the will to help achieve this through a peer-to-peer funding model for financing housing projects. 

Why be a Sun Villages Co-operative member?

Becoming a member and investing in Sun Villages Co-operative gives you these benefits: 

  1. None of your investment is diverted to the rent seekers in the financial industry. 

  2. You become a member in a community of investors connecting with and educating each other on being open and transparent in managing property developments so all the value stays with members in the Co-operative.

  3. You can meet other like minded peer funded home owners and investors to develop and share ideas for creating the next Sun Villages project.

  4. You can contribute what you can and ask for what you need in being a co-creator with others of your own Sun Villages project using Sun Villages' open intellectual property and experience of other projects.

  5. You can invest in one project to get it completed while you collaborate with others to start another.

Meet our present board of directors

Connect with us to request more information about membership

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