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The Sun Villages model  of housing development and property investment 

The Sun Villages model is a feasible way for people with ordinary amounts of money to collaborate in investing in land and residential buildings that provide quality homes for people in all stages of life, enabling them to live well and thrive. 

When we interact socially, we become more

socially cohesive, which leads to socio-economic
benefits of greater 
social capital, which is how 

we build a stronger society that can thrive.                                                                                                          


“This is a model for those want to co-create a practical, functional village infused with a sense of independence, joy and well being; both for those who will live, play and work here and those who will invest in this for a secure and reasonable financial return."                                 [Stina Kerans, founder Sun Villages]


These projects incorporate the best of benefits of :-

  • 99-year lease (renewable) 

  • investment through shares in a form of fractional property ownership

  • full distribution of the developer's profit and bank development interest as bonus shares to the investors who fund the costs of land and construction to complete a project

  • return on shares (ROI) that begins with a maximum of 6%, rising with the wages component of the CPI

  • ROI used to offset residents' 99-year lease cost

  • predictable, stable, worry-free ROI for pure investors (non-residents)

  • the more projects, the more liquidity of shares 

  • reduced costs-of-living for residents from efficiencies in quality construction and utility systems that reduce power, water, waste-water and internet costs

  • enhanced opportunities in village cafe, work and social spaces for social interaction and social cohesion that grows communities organically and builds resilience and social capital.

It’s a model for a new housing movement that replicates this new form of housing development, property investment and home ownership for more projects in different locations, taking account of local environmental and social conditions. Each such project can become part of a distributed network of connected villages that offer diversity in design and in places to live.


Resident-investors have opportunity to relocate to live in other Sun Villages (when available) without need for selling and buying of property, which incurs significant financial costs.


Investors simply receive a secure and reasonable financial return. It is a model for a simple, ethical and worry free real estate investment.

Current project offerings: our lighthouse* project

Sun Villages (Queanbeyan) has a DA approved build for an apartment style eco-village development on a beautiful site on the Queanbeyan border with the ACT.

Opportunity NOW to invest early for higher allocation of bonus shares.


Contact us for more information. 

* We call this our lighthouse project - being the one that can light the way - make easier - the passage of other projects that use the Sun Villages Model.

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