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Download for reading: A 3-stop orientation tour of the why, who and how of Sun Villages

Feel free to download one-at-a-time or all, and read at the pace that suits you!

1 How We House Ourselves Matters

2 Creating Collaborative Housing Solutions

3 New Investment Model for Future Financial and Housing Security

Our intent is that you are gradually introduced to deeper layers of information about the Sun Villages model and people in the Sun Villages movement, without overwhelming you. We hope to inspire you to want to know more and to participate with us. As you read - and probably re-read - jot down questions that come to mind. Then we can make best use of time in conversations answering your questions and discussing action-orientated solutions. 

For people who then express an interest in investing in the current project,  Sun Villages (Queanbeyan) have a fourth document, the Information Memorandum, available on request after submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI). 

Contact details are provided in the documents above.

For a quick perspective in 12 minutes: Watch and listen to these advocates speaking about some key aspects of Sun Villages

Overview of the Sun Villages model [0:52]

2 New mechanisms of property development and ownership [3:50]

3 Ethical investment and SMSF opportunity  [3:33]

    (note: An SMSF can now have up to six members)

4 Ecological features of Sun Villages design [3:16]



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