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Financial stress

Is this your reality...

  • property ownership out of reach without financial resources or ability to secure a bank loan?

  • unable to afford a house with inflation in house prices outstripping wage growth?

  • unable to save for a deposit with inflationary living costs?

  • facing rental servitude for life?

  • increasing mortgage stress, with risk of defaulting as interest rates and living costs rise?

  • risk of negative equity if property values fall?

  • onerous costs and responsibilities for managing property portfolios?

  • facing financial complications from a relationship fallout and needing to divest from shared investments? 

  • asset rich, but cash poor?

  • your financial resources being depleted by costly transaction and services fees to live in retirement estates or aged care facilities?

Our current housing system makes property ownership complex and costly and risky.

The Sun Villages Model makes housing ourselves and our communities simpler, more affordable and safer.

It is a new housing system that caters for all ages and stages of life, offering a more affordable alternative choice for

  • younger people starting out in property,

  • those up-sizing with growing families, or

  • those downsizing who wish to age in place with peace of mind and dignity.

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