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Professionally and personally, I work day-to-day to contribute to a regenerative community that makes the connection between how clean is our environment (air, water, soil); how our food is grown, processed and made available to us; how we interact as a community, and the state of our health and well-being.

I have a background in the metallurgical, synthetic fuels and waste management industries as a process engineer, environmental consultant and educator, researcher and technical writer. I have also completed courses in technical writing, workplace health and safety, organic growing, Permaculture Design Certificate, business development and personal development. More recently I qualified in nutritional medicine and biochemic therapy, which together with nature therapy is my go_to for personal and family health for self and those that I help with physical, mental and emotional health concerns.

I do what I do because I care deeply about the human condition, our natural and built environment, all of which is compromised by neglect, degradation, pollution, toxic chemicals, lack of "Ubuntu" - compassion and humanity towards others.

I am drawn to collaborative initiatives working to restore community connectivity and healthy resilience and the quality of natural resources that our lives depend on. I was a founding member of The Natural Step in South Africa; helped establish Food Connect Sydney; volunteered as secretary for Cowan Fire Brigade for six years.

Now I volunteer my time and capabilities to Sun Villages Co-operative to help make possible many Sun Village housing projects for socially and ecologically sustainable places for people of all generations and socio-economic backgrounds to live happier, healthier and purposeful lives.

Key capabilities:
Organisational skills
Critical thinking
Research and writing
Information synthesis
Public speaking

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